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Adventure Update

xtinamc posted Jan 5, 19

The Adventure update is live! Come and explore the war zone towns, collect items unique to your Hero Class, and create gear to help you get further! Enjoy a wide variety of quests and mine in specified mines! It is all live  now! Come join us!

Come and test your skills at the Minequests Christmas  event! Collect all the cookies to recieve a head start on the Adventure Map release!! Event going on now until December 28th

Cyber Monday Sale!

xtinamc posted Nov 26, 18

Sale on all items excluding Deus. Happy Savings!


xtinamc posted Nov 23, 18

HEROES HAS BEEN RELEASED! Come and choose your class and begin working on leveling it up! Custom armor and weapons for each class!!

Time to Gear up!

xtinamc posted Nov 13, 18

Here's your chance  to stock up on crystals, get that rank you've been wanting, some crate keys, or any other cool item in the shop! 15% off of everything until November 18th!

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