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Top Voters for June

Darth_Redstone Owner posted Jul 1, 18

Hi everyone,

Top monthly voters for the month of May are:

1: Azaren_ - 219 votes
You won 2 Heroic Keys!

2: DoryAnne - 191 votes
You won 2 Mythical Keys!

3: Animalchaser - 187 votes
You won 1 Armory Key, 1 Weaponry Key!

The keys have been deposited into your inventories. Thanks for voting!

animalchaser Thanks!! :DD
DoryAnne Thanks so much!!

Top Voters for May

Darth_Redstone Owner posted Jun 1, 18

Hi everyone,

Top monthly voters for the month of May are:

1: Key0fdestiny - 165 votes
You won 2 Heroic Keys!

2: DoryAnne - 111 votes
You won 2 Mythical Keys!

3: Azaren_ - 97 votes
You won 1 Armory Key, 1 Weaponry Key!

Please message Darth_Redstone in-game to receive your crate keys!

Key0fdestiny sweet, I got 64 emerald blocks and 500 crystals! ONE tiny problem... The voucher vanished when I used it but I got no cr...
Azaren_ Thank you :)
Darth_Redstone Owner I've issued the crate keys directly to your inventories, along with a thank you note.

Easter Weekend Booster

Darth_Redstone Owner posted Mar 30, 18

Easter Weekend Booster!

All Jobs XP, McMMO XP, and Soul gain rates are doubled until 1AM PST on Tuesday morning. Go and get that cash, go and get those skills, go and get those souls!

Spring Break Extravaganza!

From March 10th to March 18th, voters that complete all 8 vote sites daily will have all Jobs money/XP and McMMO XP gain rates TRIPLED. Please note, booster items do not stack with these gains.

All ranks are 15% off for the duration of this event.

Stay tuned for any mini-events we may announce during the week!

Have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break!

A New Era

Darth_Redstone Owner posted Jan 29, 18

Hello everyone,

After a great deal of discussion, I am pleased to welcome xtinamc (aka Tina) in joining me as an Owner of this fine server. It took her a year, but she worked her way up from Apprentice all the way to the top. During this time, she has seen the first map change, the rise and fall of the Triumvirate, and the implementation of the warzone system. She has played a pivotal role in making this all happen, and I'm happy to reward her for all her hard work.

Tina will largely be overseeing the public affairs end of server management, which I feel is a role she is uniquely suited for. 

To celebrate her promotion, everything in the web store is 15% off until February 5th.

I wish you the best of luck in your new role :)

Darth Redstone

Darth_Redstone Owner With her aboard, I can safely retire if I so choose (I'm not, FYI)
sequana Mod Nice Tina! Im happy for you!
CakesDontLie Ja, It's kinda hard to imagine tina being an apprentice. I remember when she gave me that 2.5k boost I needed to ma...
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