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New maze!

Darth_Redstone [Triumvir] posted Mon at 22:33

Dungeon Maze

Built by yours truly, the Dungeon Maze somehow found its way into our world. Abandoned by the gods themselves, they left a stash of their loot behind. Navigate the maze and claim the loot for yourself!

This Maze is accessible from the Minigame Hub, reached by dialing 8 at the Stargate. A soundtrack has been added for this maze, which can be heard by typing /jukebox into chat. 


Website Security Certifacte

Letroy11 [Triumvir]
Letroy11 @ MineQuests
posted Apr 9, 17

We are aware that one of the voting links (mineservers) goes to a site with an expired security certificate. We have informed the host of this issue and hopefully they will fix it soon. If you wish to continue to vote on this site, simply click the "Advanced Options" and then click "proceed" or click the link to "continue to this webpage".

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.

April 9th Popup News

the_last_reaper Admin posted Apr 7, 17



Mod ===> Senior Mod


Apprentice ===> Mod


Apprentice ===> Mod

Congratulations to those who were promoted! Keep up the hard work guys :D

If you want to be part of the team feel free to apply ^-^ (click on "Staff Applications")

It's here!

Letroy11 [Triumvir]
Letroy11 @ MineQuests
posted Apr 5, 17

We updated slightly ahead of schedule, but the 1.11 map has arrived! Now with new Quests, Dungeons, and Heroes! Look for frequent quest updates as well as the addition of more dungeons in the weeks to come!

To celebrate this new launch, everything in the shop is 25% off, now through the 17th. We've also added a Booster Pack for the first shoppers to help you get started on the new server!

Happy questing!

Update April 7th: The Big One

Letroy11 [Triumvir]
Letroy11 @ MineQuests
posted Apr 1, 17

Exciting news: MineQuests will soon be updating to 1.11! With this update comes lots of new features.



MineQuests is proud to introduce the Heroes Plugin. You have the option to be a Knight, Cleric, or Mage and each class comes with its own unique questline, armor, and weapon choice as well as abilities. You can level up your Hero by completing quests and dungeons.



An entirely revamped quest system with brand new quests, rewards, and more. Look for NPCs with music notes above their heads to get a quest, and use your compass to help point you in the right direction. Completely all quests will give a unique surprise...



With the new quests comes a whole array of dungeons that can be found in the world. Some need to be completed to finish a quest, while others are just for the fun and rewards. .



In order to make the game more enjoyable, we’re allowing players to share the use of the  Basic Machines, as well as being able to trade materials such as ores. We’ve removed several items that were causing issues, as well as some items that seemed too overpowered. Look for these items to be reintroduced in unique ways in the future.


Coin Shop:

A brand new coin shop with adjusted prices and new items..


Unfortunately, in order for all of these updates, and more, to be effective, we will need to reset the server. We understand that many of you have spent hours making the perfect builds, and we don’t want you to lose them. In order to do this, and to reward those of you who have been voting consistently, staff will WorldEdit your existing builds into the new world. Use the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScqvvRGDambyyp-n6T-Vrys_FwaobXqqJFRMJiXxpq9vyC0zQ/viewform?usp=sf_link to apply to have your build moved. The cost to move a build is 1 point per each 16x16x16 chunk, or 1 point for every 4,096 blocks (including ‘air’ blocks). When staff has saved the build, the points will be taken from you. You may only request to have builds saved that you have built at least 50% of, unless you are in a town and applying for a build in your town to be saved. The builds will be added to the new world in an area of your choice. Simply submit a ticket using /ticket and a staff member will place the new build during “quiet hours” (usually late evenings or early mornings).

If you have donated anything you will receive your rewards again when the server resets. For example: if you purchased a rank you will have that rank when you join after the reset. If you purchased any crate keys they will be added to your inventory. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message Letroy11 on Enjin, Discord, or in-game.


We’re excited to be taking this next step and hope you are too.


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