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Update - July 14th, 2017

Darth_Redstone Owner posted Jul 14, 17

This is a pretty big update, so enjoy!

1.12 - The Colourful Update

MineQuests has updated to version 1.12, which brings the following to the table:

- Concrete (solid coloured blocks, FINALLY)
- Terracotta (blocks with rather nice designs)
- Concrete Powder (think coloured sand)
- Parrots!
- And other things :)


Major changes came to the server for this update, with the introduction of Warzones. There are a total of 10 warzones scattered around the overworld map, accessible by following the sandstone path leading out of the south end of Spawn in the Park. Now you have real reason to use /jukebox to listen to music while fighting!

Each warzone is filled with mobs that are far more powerful than those found in vanilla Minecraft. These special mobs drop gems, which can be used in the Gem Shop to acquire stronger weapons and armour. There are five tiers of gems at present: Bronze, Amythyst, Jade, Sapphire, and Platinum. 

In addition to the 10 warzones, there are 4 dungeons, which present an extra challenge. Locate all four along the roadway and complete them for a Soul Crystal. Turn in all four unique Soul Crystals for access to the Raid

The Raid is a team-based extra-powerful warzone featuring mobs that can easily kill you and your team if you do not work together, with a Raid Boss at the end with special drops. The Lost City Raid can be accessed via the Cathedral past Warzone 10; the Cathedral is only Part One of the raid, you cannot progress to Part Two without having turned in the four Soul Crystals.

Within the Warzone area, you are unable to use /sethome, so don't even try.


A graphic menu has been implemented for the server, accessible via /menu. Contained within is basically everything you've ever wanted in the server. You can view the Rules, FAQ, Ranks (including ranking up), a Warps menu (available to voters only), a Warzone Warps menu (menu accessible to voters, warps themselves purchased via coin drops or US dollars), Gem Shop, Gem Exchange, Custom Drop Shop, Coin Shop, Coin Exchange, and Point Shop. 

A similar menu has been implemented for Skyblock as well. Use /sbshop to access

Make good use of it!

Support Tickets

Due to major bugs with our previous ticket plugin, we have implemented a new one. To file a support ticket, please use /report. Staff can view the tickets using /ticket.


Looking for MineQuests themed shirts, mugs, phone cases, notebooks, etc?

Our server has created a merchandise shop for your enjoyment. Click the MERCHANDISE link up on the links bar to access it. Prices are in US dollars. All shipping, returns, exchanges, etc, are handled through the provider.

At present, there are two designs utilizing our logo. One has the website address on it, the other doesn't. You can choose whichever one you'd like. If there's sufficient interest, we may add additional designs at a later date.

Minor Changes


Market shop prices have been modified.

Gold Sector: Bottom floor shops are $5000, top floor is $4000.
Green and Blue Sectors: Bottom floor shops are $3750, top floor is $3000
Red Sector: Bottom floor shops are $2500, top floor is $2000

All bottom floor corner shops are $10,000, all top floor corner shops are $8000. 

Message or mail Darth_Redstone to purchase a shop stall. 


A new leaderboards area has been added into spawn, accessible from either side of the spawn building. This area tracks a TON of stats, ranging from time played, to kills, to biggest town, to number of grenades used in Paintball.

Go see if you rank amongst the top three in any category!

Slot Machines

A new plugin has been installed to replace the old slot machine plugin. Use /sm to view instructions, then /sm start to start playing

Canada Day & Independence Day Sale

xtinamc AdminSubscriber posted Jul 1, 17

Item Sale!!

Today until July 5th all items in the donator store (excluding ranks) are on sale for 30% off! This is the perfect time to gear up for the Warzones with a armory or weapons key bundle!!

The Top Voters Of June!!

Congratulations to these people:

1st place: toybox753

2nd place: nyan6colin

3rd place: trentai

Good job guys! :D Your prizes will be given to you A.S.A.P

Keep up the great work and remember if you hit 300+ votes you receive a COSMOS crate key :D


Darth_Redstone Owner posted Jun 25, 17


Coin drops
- Bronze and silver coins can once again be obtained from breaking leaves

- Tax rate has been increased from $10 to $25 per resident in the town daily

- Payout has been increased from $0.50 to $1.00 per second.

- Changing classes will now FULLY reset your stats in Skills. Only change your class if you are absolutely certain you want to start over!
- Amount of souls lost on death has increased from 10 to 50.
- Souls equation for masteries has been changed from 20 * (next level) to 100 * (next level). 
- Mastery maximum level increased to 10
- Souls cannot be gained from killing cows, pigs, sheep, horses, villagers, chickens, endermen, or slimes. This is to make certain farms less OP.

- Voter requirement has been removed for the creation and use of BOATS only. This should facilitate greater use of the plugin by all of you :)
- Hovercraft has been officially released as a craft available to our Deus subscribers. This vehicle travels above ground (and can operate on the bottom of the ocean); it's not particularly fast, but it's a way of traveling in style!

Important Information about Skills

xtinamc AdminSubscriber posted Jun 23, 17

It has come to our attention that when people level up the logging, harvesting and mining perks in the skills mastery gui, that this interferes with the mcmmo perks associated with them, making the mcmmo perk void. To avoid this- we have disabled those particular skill mastary categories.

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