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MineQuests FAQ Revamp

Not_UR_Muse AdminSubscriber posted Wed at 17:24

Have a question that needs answered? Know of a question that is commonly asked but not presently in the server FAQ? Here is your chance to help us and other players as we revamp the server FAQ. Just use the form below, and submit anything you feel should be included in the new FAQ. Thanks for your help!


Not_UR_Muse AdminSubscriber posted Nov 8, 17

Want a chance to earn up to 80 extra vote points??

Help the server out by leaving us a good review on the voting sites, and receive up to 20 vote points per site! Once you have left a review let Not_Ur_Muse know, and once verified, you will receive those points! This is a great way to stock up on vote points, as there are things in the works right now that will make those points very useful and valuable!

Reviews can be left on PlanetMinecraft, Minecraft-MP, ServerPact, and MinecraftList

Double Vote Reward Weekend

Darth_Redstone Owner
Darth_Redstone @ MineQuests Hub
posted Nov 3, 17

Double Vote Reward Weekend

From now until Monday, Nov 6th, get double in-game rewards from voting for our server!

This means:
Double vote crate keys
Double sparkling crate keys
Extra money
Double points
And even... *drum roll* TWO Vote Party keys per Vote Party!

Hop on and get to voting :)

Halloween Flash Sale!

Darth_Redstone Owner
Darth_Redstone @ MineQuests Hub
posted Oct 28, 17


Come celebrate the scariest time of the year with our spooky savings. Everything in the web store, including crystals, are 10% off, from now until Halloween night!


UnlimitedTurtlez Boo hoo im broke

The Economy Update - September 2017

Darth_Redstone Owner
Darth_Redstone @ MineQuests Hub
posted Sep 23, 17

The Economy Update

Today marks a new era for MineQuests as we now begin to prioritize our economy. To that end, Spawn has been rearranged, making the market our new focal point. As players exit the spawn building, they will be greeted immediately by the market; to that end, four stalls are being auctioned off to the highest bidders on the forums, one stall at a time.

Additional updates:

Long requested, players now have access to a small selection of augmented vanilla enchantments. Click on the enchanted book in /menu to see the full selection and how to acquire them. To utilize these books, look for the enchanting station near the University.

We have also added 10 new crafting recipes for vanilla items on the server, which are as follows:

(Craft) 3 leather in a ^ shape = Saddle
(Craft) 5 string in a X shape = Cobweb 
(Craft) Netherwart Block = 9 netherwart
(Craft) 8 Sand + 1 red dye = 8 red sand

(Craft) 4 ice (2x2 pattern) = 4 packed ice
(Craft) 5 iron blocks (helmet shape) + saddle = Iron horse armour 
(Craft) 5 gold blocks (helmet shape) + saddle = gold horse armour
(Craft) 5 diamond blocks (helmet shape) + saddle = diamond horse armour
(Smelt) Concrete powder = Concrete block
(Smelt) Bucket = 3 iron ingots

For those not interested in working towards upgrading their items, they can also purchase the new Enchantment Crate keys; remember, the Back to School sale is still on until tomorrow, so now's your chance to get them for 50% off!

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