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Victoria Day Flash Sale!

Darth_Redstone Owner
Darth_Redstone @ MineQuests
posted Sun at 15:34

Victoria Day Flash Sale

God save the Queen

Now's the time to get that special rank you always wanted. From now until midnight May 22nd (PST), ranks up to and including Imperator are 25% off!

More Drops!

Letroy11 posted May 19, 17

Custom Drops and A New Blacksmith

A new blacksmith, going by the name 'Marcule' wandered into town. He speaks of legends of super powerful tools and weapons left behind by beings of immense power. If you can find fragments of these once great objects, Marcule will craft them into a new item for you. These fragments are found in the world through breaking blocks and killing mobs (much like coins).

You can find Marcule in spawn. Keep your eye open for other NPCs who are willing to craft unique items.

The Emerald Update

Darth_Redstone Owner
Darth_Redstone @ MineQuests
posted May 7, 17

The Emerald Update

Boy do we have a lot in store for you this time, one of the biggest updates we've seen all year. First off:

Ditto__: Apprentice --> Moderator
Reaperchu: Player --> Apprentice
RammehJammeh: Player --> Apprentice
UnlimitedTurtlez: Player --> Apprentice
AJ_Skyes: Player --> Builder

Congratulations to all the new staff members!

Top voters for April:
1st place: Hero_of_Time11
2nd place: Ditto__
3rd place: xtinamc

Thanks for your votes everyone! Keep up the good work. Voters, you should no longer have any rank/permission problems :)

Emerald World
Due to MineQuests acquiring a particularly valuable asset, the flatmap of a defunct server known as Emerald World (the server Darth_Redstone first started out on), we have begun adding its fantastic builds to the server. Many of you have probably seen the market next to spawn, but we've also redone our Creative and Skyblock spawns. One of the best things though? We have added 17 paintball maps to our rotation, bringing us up to 23 in total. WOW!

The "new" market is a much smaller replacement for the old one. Stalls on the lower level can be purchased for 5k, upper level is 4k; corner stalls are double the price and quite a bit roomier. If you go inactive for over a month and your stall is out-of-stock, it will be resold to another player. To purchase a stall, mail Darth_Redstone with the name of the stall you want.

Dungeons are coming along smoothly, you should see a few of them released soon via the questline.

There are some fairly large updates coming up, so stay tuned!

New maze!

Darth_Redstone Owner
Darth_Redstone @ MineQuests
posted Apr 17, 17

Dungeon Maze

Built by yours truly, the Dungeon Maze somehow found its way into our world. Abandoned by the gods themselves, they left a stash of their loot behind. Navigate the maze and claim the loot for yourself!

This Maze is accessible from the Minigame Hub, reached by dialing 8 at the Stargate. A soundtrack has been added for this maze, which can be heard by typing /jukebox into chat. 


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We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.

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