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The Economy Update

Today marks a new era for MineQuests as we now begin to prioritize our economy. To that end, Spawn has been rearranged, making the market our new focal point. As players exit the spawn building, they will be greeted immediately by the market; to that end, four stalls are being auctioned off to the highest bidders on the forums, one stall at a time.

Additional updates:

Long requested, players now have access to a small selection of augmented vanilla enchantments. Click on the enchanted book in /menu to see the full selection and how to acquire them. To utilize these books, look for the enchanting station near the University.

We have also added 10 new crafting recipes for vanilla items on the server, which are as follows:

(Craft) 3 leather in a ^ shape = Saddle
(Craft) 5 string in a X shape = Cobweb 
(Craft) Netherwart Block = 9 netherwart
(Craft) 8 Sand + 1 red dye = 8 red sand

(Craft) 4 ice (2x2 pattern) = 4 packed ice
(Craft) 5 iron blocks (helmet shape) + saddle = Iron horse armour 
(Craft) 5 gold blocks (helmet shape) + saddle = gold horse armour
(Craft) 5 diamond blocks (helmet shape) + saddle = diamond horse armour
(Smelt) Concrete powder = Concrete block
(Smelt) Bucket = 3 iron ingots

For those not interested in working towards upgrading their items, they can also purchase the new Enchantment Crate keys; remember, the Back to School sale is still on until tomorrow, so now's your chance to get them for 50% off!

Back to School Sale!

Darth_Redstone Owner posted Sep 8, 17

Back to School Sale!

It's that time of the year again, back to school. Why not make things a little bit more fun in your downtime? All ranks are 10% off, and everything else is 50% off, from now until September 24th. Now's the time to get that upgrade or boost you wanted!

New to the store: Skyblock and Creative server perks!

Fly access
God access
Fly/God Bundle

WorldEdit access
Holograms access
Sketchmap access


Not_UR_Muse AdminSubscriber posted Sep 3, 17

Exciting news!! MineQuests has updated to a bungee server! The Towny world is now its own server, with the Warzones, dungeons, Raid access, and of course the towns! The Skyblock now has its own server with separate economy, ranks, and shop. The Creative world has its own server with new permissions available in ranks. The Mini games are back, on their own server- with many new ones added! They can all be accessed via The Hub! This means no more lag from mini games, and more play options for you! Crossover chat has been added so that you will not miss anything no matter which server you are on! We will continue to add new content as it becomes available. Come check it out!

Please use to join!

Top Voters - August 2017

Darth_Redstone Owner posted Sep 1, 17

Congrats to the top voters for the month of August!

SnidaSphere3 with 284 votes

Toybox753 with 278 votes

Trentai with 270 votes

Remember that anyone who banks 300+ votes in a month will also receive a COSMOS crate key in addition to the other top voter rewards:

First place: 2 Heroic Crate keys and 100 points

Second place: 2 Mythical Crate keys and 75 points

Third place: 1 Armory Crate key, 1 Weaponry Crate key, and 50 points

Voting helps the server grow, gives you points, keys for free things, and access to warps, slimefun, and other cool things on the server. In addition, all online voters will get a VoteParty crate key when we reach 250 votes each day!

Thank you to all who vote!

Towny Featurettes

Kasus_Cloud posted Aug 18, 17

Town Featurettes:


Brush off those building skills, its time to get to work in your town!


                Town Recruitment is tough, and its rare that towns get formally recognized for their successes. Not anymore! Introducing Town Featurettes. A new area has opened up in spawn with the purpose of giving great towns an area in spawn and an easy warp to visit them from that area! But not just any town can join, and there are only 9 spots open for players. Of those 9 spots, players will constantly compete for the #1 spot in this area, and the rewards it shall hold! So brush off those chisels and stone bricks, its time to get to work!

Mostly, this is made to be a competition which will encourage town mayors to consistently improve their towns, and provide some incentive for doing so, and ALL towns can compete, regardless of who is in them/is the mayor.



  1. Towns must submit a town featurette application on the forums.
  2. Towns will be judged by a randomly selected Architect+/S-mod+, selected by the Owner.
  3. Based on the judgement they will either be denied or accepted.


Judging Criteria:

Towns are judged based on five catagories, each given a score from 1-10 (10 being highest):


  1. Build Level

 How good are the builds? Does the town keep to a general build theme? Is there a lot of ‘Empty Space’?


  1. Infrastructure

How easy is it to get from point A to Point B, do they have major areas marked, do players get lost too easily, are the roads wide and well lit, How much ‘Empty Space’ is there? (Empty space effects both Build Level and Infrastructure). Is it too cramped? And so on.


  1. Glory

 What notable achievements have they obtained, what's notable amongst their members, are they the highest in any particular leaderboard, and so on.


  1. Playerbase

How many players do they have, and of that, how active are they? Do they frequently go about doing things in or around the town? Do they frequently converse with others?


  1. Wealth

not just monetary wealth, but how much money/resources/items does a town have? Do they have a lot of ‘rare’ resources?


Each of these 5 scores will be listed with the town, and the 5 will be averaged to obtain the final score. Towns must have AT LEAST a score of 5 or higher to go on the board. If all spaces are filled, they must beat out the lowest number.

Towns will be repeatedly judged monthly, and may not always keep their spot. not only this, but there will only be 9 available spots for the taking, with one “best town on the server” spot, making the competition extra fierce.





All Featured Towns:

  1. A personal spot in the town featurette hall in spawn, listing their Town Name, Nation Affiliation, scores, a custom message chosen by the mayor, and having a special warp pad to their town.
  2. Mention of Featured Towns on the website.
  3. because of the above, they may have an easier time recruiting.


Number 1 Town:

  1. A periodic broadcast message will list all Featured Towns to players, along with a custom "title" for each town. Ie: "Wardragons, the Infernal Army" "Romah, Empire of the Great" "Bywater, Built by Gods" "Xavern, Bannercon Central" and so on..
  2. 10000 added to the town bank, 10000 given to the top 3 members of the town.

How do I enter my town?:


Town Mayors must submit an application on the website’s forums. They must follow a specific format. Once done, all that’s left is to wait and see! (Don’t pester staff about it.)



There you have it! Town Featurettes are here, So get your townsfolk together and start building!


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