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Darth_Redstone Owner
Darth_Redstone @ MineQuests
posted Sun at 21:24


Coin drops
- Bronze and silver coins can once again be obtained from breaking leaves

- Tax rate has been increased from $10 to $25 per resident in the town daily

- Payout has been increased from $0.50 to $1.00 per second.

- Changing classes will now FULLY reset your stats in Skills. Only change your class if you are absolutely certain you want to start over!
- Amount of souls lost on death has increased from 10 to 50.
- Souls equation for masteries has been changed from 20 * (next level) to 100 * (next level). 
- Mastery maximum level increased to 10
- Souls cannot be gained from killing cows, pigs, sheep, horses, villagers, chickens, endermen, or slimes. This is to make certain farms less OP.

- Voter requirement has been removed for the creation and use of BOATS only. This should facilitate greater use of the plugin by all of you :)
- Hovercraft has been officially released as a craft available to our Deus subscribers. This vehicle travels above ground (and can operate on the bottom of the ocean); it's not particularly fast, but it's a way of traveling in style!

Important Information about Skills

xtinamc AdminSubscriber
xtinamc @ MineQuests
posted Fri at 2:46

It has come to our attention that when people level up the logging, harvesting and mining perks in the skills mastery gui, that this interferes with the mcmmo perks associated with them, making the mcmmo perk void. To avoid this- we have disabled those particular skill mastary categories.

Paintball Tournament

xtinamc AdminSubscriber
xtinamc @ MineQuests
posted Jun 18, 17

Join us next Saturday, June 24th for a paintball tournament at 6 pm est. Put your entry form in at the chest in spawn. Prizes will be given to the top 2 players and the top team. We will also be filming the tournament for the server's youtube channel!

Jobs xp Boost

xtinamc AdminSubscriber
xtinamc @ MineQuests
posted Jun 16, 17

It's Friday! That means it's time to grind those jobs with the 50% xp boost on jobs all weekend long!

To make it even more fun, everything in the shop is 10% off until the 26th!


xtinamc AdminSubscriber
xtinamc @ MineQuests
posted Jun 13, 17

Please join us in wishing the server owner- Darth_Redstone, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

To that end, between now and 1am PST on June 15th the Smite Sale is on! 24 hours of /smite access to troll the staff and your friends, for $2.99. Enjoy :)

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